Terms & Conditions


Welcome to GSC Sikhi Thought Forum (“Forum”). We invite you to engage in scholarly discussions and comparative studies on various topics related to Sikhism and other faiths. It is essential to adhere to the following Terms and Conditions for a respectful and productive community.

1. Forum Focus and Ideology:

   – The views expressed by individual members do not necessarily represent the beliefs or ideology of GSC Sikhi Thought Forum. The forum provides a platform for open discussion and does not endorse specific perspectives.

2. Discussion Guidelines:

   – Focus on discussing issues rather than engaging in personal attacks or criticisms of individuals participating in the discussions.
   – Avoid offensive or vulgar language, and maintain a respectful tone while engaging with fellow members.

3. Respect for Sikhism:

   – Any form of direct or indirect attack on the individuality of Sikhism is strictly prohibited. Posts violating this guideline will be promptly removed from the forum.

4. Reverence for Guru Granth Sahib:

   – Any form of abuse or disrespect towards Guru Granth Sahib, whether explicit or implied, will not be tolerated.

5. Comparative Studies and Interfaith Dialogue:

   – While we encourage positive interfaith dialogue and comparative studies, we do not accept derogatory comments or attacks on any faith, including Sikhism.

6. Tolerance and Constructive Criticism:

   – Comparative religious discussions should be educational and constructive. Avoid excessive criticism or ridicule of other faiths, and maintain a spirit of tolerance towards diverse beliefs.

7. Verifiable References:

   – Any allegations made must be supported by verifiable references from neutral sources. Unsubstantiated claims may be subject to moderation.

8. Proselytizing and Promotion:

   – Posts seeking conversions, promoting external faiths, or preaching philosophies will be subject to editing or removal at the discretion of the forum moderators.

9. Political Discussions:

   – While discussions on matters affecting Sikhs in religious, cultural, or other contexts are welcome, one-sided political agendas may be subject to editing or removal.

10. Multiple Identities:

   – The use of multiple identities is prohibited. Such activities will be monitored, and appropriate action will be taken.

11. Plagiarism:

   – Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Any form of copying or passing off others’ work as your own will result in severe consequences.

12. Forum Etiquette:

   – Please adhere to basic etiquette. Do not use offensive or vulgar language. Engage in discussions in a mature and respectful manner.

13. Personal Attacks or Sect Bashing:

   – Engaging in personal attacks or bashing of specific sects or groups is strictly prohibited. Hate messages will be removed without notice.

14. Moderation:

   – The GSC Sikhi Thought Forum management reserves the right to delete or modify articles and discussions as needed, without seeking prior permission from authors or posters.

15. Unity in Diversity:

   – Recognize and appreciate the diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions among forum members. Embrace differences and seek to learn from one another.

By participating in GSC Sikhi Thought Forum, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply may result in the termination of your membership. We look forward to engaging in enriching and respectful discussions with you.